Brothaigh and new baby Dolly

Corinne was convinced lambing season was never happening. It is probably incorrect to say we have had a strange spring. I think the weather is never “normal”. Last spring was incredibly early, this spring seems late but may just be normal. Anyway, since last year we had lambs on Mother’s Day- Corinne has been antsy since Mother’s Day passed this year.  I checked the calendar and with the fellow who boarded our girls for their “Date Month” and confirmed that the earliest possible date would be May 17. Apparently, Brothaigh checked the calendar and delivered Sunday morning.
Poor Corinne- the townie- was left to serve as midwife. She and Jodie had remote assistance as I talked them through some of the specifics of lambing. Most of the time, the ewes do just fine without help. My involvement was mostly reassuring Corinne that , “that is normal” and, “if nothing has progressed, call me in 30 minutes”. Post delivery there were also phone calls and even a stop in to reassure Corinne that, “yes, everything is fine”.

Monday we moved mum and baby out into the end cap so they could have both alone time and our co-workers and visitors could see the new baby. I sent out an all company email and Corinne and the girls allowed supervised visits on breaks. The employees not on campus clamored for picture! Pictures! Pictures! Having been chastised in the past for sending an all company email with a big file attachment (I think lambs were involved) I knew better. So, here are pictures for all the cute deprived peoples of the world. Meet Dolly.


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