It has been a long time since I have taken the time to post anything on the blog. A busy fall with many tasks kept me away form my computer for anything but administrative duties. With the dual challenges of planting over 17,000 bulbs (whose idea was it to order that many!?) and getting the property appropriately decked out for the holidays, I just could not wrap my brain around a good garden story. I had this film in the wings, waiting to be made into a post.

Way back in August we were privileged to host master beekeeper Peter Loring Borst, who just may be one of the coolest beekeepers alive, as is demonstrated here. Peter checked over our four hives with us at midday on one of the 90 degree days (remember those?) we had last summer. We sweated up a storm but the bees were busy and content.

Katie, our super talented in house photographer and video queen, filmed our hive check with Peter. We got a unique opportunity to assess our hive care with a master. I am hoping our implementation of his suggestions will help carry our four colonies over the winter. So enjoy the video with my carefully time narration!


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